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  • Brush Fire Threatening Homes

    Protecting Your Workers in Wildfire Areas

    If you have workers in a wildfire zone, you need to have measures in place to protect them in the event of a catastrophe. Smoke from these wildfires is dangerous as it contains chemicals, gases and fine particles that can lodge deep in people’s lungs. This can make it difficult to breathe, aggravate asthma as […]

  • Oh my God, I am going to crash!

    Employees Driving Their Own Vehicles on the Job Are Your Liability

    Many business owners don’t think twice when asking a worker to run to the office supply store, to the bank or run another errand for the company while on the clock. But as soon as that employee enters their personal vehicle on a trip for your business, you automatically become vicariously liable for their actions. […]

  • Mature businesswoman Working On Her Laptop.

    Five Tips for Streamlining Your Insurance Policy Audit

    Are you due for a workers’ compensation premium audit? Audits are how insurance rates are determined, and it’s possible that an audit will uncover information that can actually save you money. Additionally, audits are important to make sure that your employee counts and job descriptions haven’t changed, so that the premium can accurately reflect your […]

  • Upset girl student puts money in an envelope

    ADA Access Demand Letters Rear Their Ugly Heads

    Despite the fact that a law was enacted in 2013 to curtail “drive-by” Americans with Disabilities Act access lawsuits, crafty plaintiff’s attorneys have revived the practice. According to recent news reports, employers still receive letters from lawyers who demand payment on behalf of disabled clients in exchange for not suing the establishment for violating ADA […]

  • Business Meeting

    Rating Bureau Recommends Another Rate Decrease, Albeit Slight

    The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau of California will ask for a benchmark rate increases of 0.1% for policies incepting on or after Jan. 1, 2018. In light of the insurance commissioner approving a 7.8% decrease for July 1 of this year, the benchmark rate for 2018 policies will be nearly 8% less than it […]

  • Hispanic Businessman Falling on stairs

    Your Liability Every Time Someone Enters Your Facility

    One sure-fire way for a business to get sued is if a visitor – a customer, vendor or anyone else – injures themselves while on your premises. While you may already do all you can to keep employees and customers safe, you are likely still exposed to being sued if someone injures themselves in one […]

  • first aid training class

    Could Your Staff Respond to a Medical Emergency?

    If one of your employees or a customer had a serious medical emergency while at work, would your staff know how to respond? Unfortunately, most U.S. employees are not prepared to handle cardiac emergencies in the workplace because they lack training in CPR and first aid, according to new survey results from the American Heart Association. […]

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